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One great way to defeat denial and steer clear of greenwashing is to see good examples from real-life businesses. On this page, we highlight companies and products that are truly promoting sustainability in their business practices.

CompanyProduct exampleIn-store/onlineSuccess/role model featuresImprovements/clarity neededURL
Molly MuttDog bedsOnlineThe bed is designed as a duvet cover that is 100% cotton (it is a benefit to have a natural fiber like cotton, instead of a plastic fiber like polyester). You can then stuff the duvet with old clothes, blankets, or other household soft items – this is more sustainable because it keeps items out of landfill (like your old socks and sweatshirts) and serves as good filler (usually, pillow inserts and dog bed insides are made from soft plastics. They are washable and can be used again and again, even if soiled, which keeps the whole dog bed out of the landfill. The company does sell other items, like a polyester waterproof cover, which is less ideal. They also sell wool inserts in case a person doesn’t have the filler at home. The company says these are 100% ‘sustainably sourced from California’ but doesn’t provide other details. At the bottom of their webpage, they have an indicator that they are accredited for pet sustainability, but it is unclear where this accreditation comes from.Not all materials are yet sustainable (and include plastic fibers) and there is low immediate website visibility on the country of origin and labor practices.lin
While we hope to inspire people to shop at sustainable businesses and hope this page will help you in finding alternatives, we do not endorse any products listed, nor do we receive anything in return for putting company links on our website. We provide this information to inform consumers of what’s out there, and we use our assessments to give feedback to the companies on what we think they are doing great at and where there is room to improve.

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