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One great way to defeat denial and steer clear of greenwashing is to see good examples from real-life businesses. On this page, we highlight companies and products that are truly promoting sustainability in their business practices.

CompanyProduct exampleIn-store/onlineSuccess/role model featuresImprovements/clarity neededURL
Ardent goodsSoap, sponges, spadesOnline and available through partnered retailers.The products are designed to reduce waste and use non-toxic ingredients. Packaging is biodegradable or recyclable or “multiple use.” They also use “sustainable textiles.” All items are made in-store in small batches (which can improve accountability) in California.Saying that all packaging is multiple use is a bit tricky, given that even most plastics are ‘reusable,’ however Ardent uses materials like ceramic for ‘multiple use’ which are high quality and built for ‘circular use’.link
Growers & Co.Overalls and spades (regenerative farming clothes and tools)Online and in a few retail locations in Canada.All tools are made with regenerative (best-practice for the planet) farming in-mind, to be good for the soil. Clothes are made from fibers that are not synthetic (e.g. regenerative wool) or are recycled (e.g. recycled polyester). Their magazine highlights the work of small-scale farmers. They also include a program to give back and train new farmers in environmental best-practices.Recycled synthetic fibers (e.g. polyester) may still shed microplastic fibers because they are, truly, plastic. However, these are
While we hope to inspire people to shop at sustainable businesses and hope this page will help you in finding alternatives, we do not endorse any products listed, nor do we receive anything in return for putting company links on our website. We provide this information to inform consumers of what’s out there, and we use our assessments to give feedback to the companies on what we think they are doing great at and where there is room to improve.

Let us know about your favorite “green” products!

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