Simplifying Sustainability. Defeating Denial.

How to Defeat Denial:

Check for Greenwashing

Instead of buying ‘off-color’ products, buy ‘green’ with us.

Raise the Greenwashing Alarm

We help you ID greenwashing, and you help us alert others.

Eco-Friendly Spotlight

Help us (and others!) recognize ‘green’ companies.

About Us

Our Mission

Our society is rooted in consumerism.

Changing this habit is not a partisan issue. We aim to help everyone find better products for their health and the world around us.

Science is real. Let it guide us.

Look around your home – there is likely more plastic than you may have expected. We are in a plastic crisis, and it it taking over our planet!

We’ve teamed-up with the Sierra Club NYC Group’s Plastic Pollution Committee to raise awareness about plastic pollution and how to overcome it.

Click here to find our list of plastic-free swaps to put your plastic habits in the past!

The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.

~ Rachel Carson

Interested in our mission?

We are a small group of volunteers – scientists, artists, environmentalists – with the unified vision of reshaping consumerism to stop environmental decay.

Defeat Denial is a team in which environmentalists, sustainability-minded consumers, and scientists can unite. If you think you can help (of course you can!), we would love to hear from you!